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3rd Practical Reference Dosimetry Course - 20-23 March 2017


ARPANSA is pleased to announce the 3rd Practical Reference Dosimetry Course for external beam radiotherapy. Running over four days, the course will cover the theory and provide hands-on experience in all areas of radiation dosimetry for external beams.

The course is aimed at experienced ROMP registrars and qualified medical physicists seeking a refresher course, concentrating on TRS-398 and TG-61. The course is hands-on as well as delving into the physics behind the protocols.

The four day course consists of lectures by ARPANSA staff and senior hospital physicists and includes eight practical sessions with a formal assessment at the end of each day. A certificate will be presented upon successful completion of the course.

At the end of the course, students will:

  • have a good fundamental theoretical and practical understanding of all aspects of reference dosimetry for kV X-rays, high-energy photons, and electrons
  • be familiar with the Australian primary standards for air kerma and absorbed dose to water used in reference dosimetry, their units and uncertainties
  • understand the ACPSEM-recommended codes of practice for kV X-rays, MV photons and electrons, and their practical application to clinical beams
  • understand correction factors and be able to calculate uncertainties in reference dosimetry.

Topics include:

  • Quantities and units
  • Uncertainty calculations and reporting uncertainties
  • Dosimetry protocols for kV and MV photons and MV MeV electrons (TRS-398, TG-61)
  • Measuring beam quality index, output, and output factors
  • Primary standards
  • Legal metrology and regulatory framework
  • Understanding your equipment
  • Ion chamber theory
  • Small field dosimetry

For more information on practice reference dosimetry see Radiotherapy Calibrations.

This course is held on an annual basis and is approved for 20 CPD points.

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