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ARPANSA Small-Field Comparison Day - 15 April 2016

You are invited to ARPANSA to measure the output factor of a small beam of megavoltage photons.


Location:  ARPANSA Melbourne dosimetry laboratories (619 Lower Plenty Road, Yallamblie)

Date:  15 April 2016

This is an opportunity to check your equipment and methods, and discuss the ins and outs of measuring these small fields with your colleagues.

For more information see Radiotherapy Calibrations.


  • Equipment: Elekta Synergy Linac fitted with Elekta 5 mm diameter cone.
  • The Goal: To measure the central axis absorbed dose to water output factor (the ratio of the on-axis absorbed dose to water under the cone at dmax compared to that in the 10 cm x 10 cm MLC field).
  • Method: Any method you like. Bring your own detector(s).
  • Results: The results of the comparison is a graph showing the mean result and the deviation of each participant from the mean.
  • Available data: In-line and cross-line profiles, and PDDs, will be provided.
  • Available equipment: Electrometers (PTW Webline) and scanning water phantoms (IBA Blue Phantom) will be provided. Adaptors for most detectors are supplied.

For more information, contact Duncan Butler at

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