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FAQs - Sources that emit radio waves

A series of questions and answers about exposure from telecommunication sources including mobile phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi devices, TV and radio antenna, smart meters etc.

1. What are radio wave emissions?
2. They want to put a mobile phone/NBN tower next to my house. Will I or my family get cancer?
3. There are telecommunications antennas on top of our roof. Should we be concerned?
4. They have just installed a smart meter in my house. Should I be concerned?
5. Will the smart meter that was installed on the other side of my bedroom wall affect my pacemaker?
6. Am I likely to get sick or develop brain cancer by using mobile phones?
7. Is it safe for my kids to use mobile phones?
8. Which mobile phone (brand/model) puts out the least radiation?
9. I have purchased a cover/sticker for my mobile phone to stop the dangerous radiation. Will this work?
10. My children's school has just installed Wi-Fi. Will this affect their health?
11. How close can I be next to the Wi-Fi router?
12. I use a Bluetooth headset all day at work, does this pose a health risk?
13. Am I affecting my health by using a cordless phone instead of a corded home phone?
14. I want to buy a property close to a radio/TV antenna. Are there any long term health risks to my family
15. My neighbour has installed a satellite dish which is facing directly into my house. Is he allowed to do that? Will this harm my family?
16. Is it safe to cook food in the microwave oven?
17. A company has sent us a letter advising that we have to get the microwave oven in our workplace staff room tested. Is this true?
18. Are the new body scanners that they have recently installed at airports in Australia dangerous?
19. How safe are induction cooktops?
20. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has deemed RF radiation as possibly carcinogenic, so why do people have to be exposed to the radiation from smart meters, mobile phone towers and other devices?
21. People are exposed to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy (EME) from various sources in the everyday environment. Is that dangerous to people's health?
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