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FAQs - Exposure from ultraviolet radiation

A series of questions and answers about ultraviolet radiation, including from the sun, and how you can protect yourself from their harmful effects.

1. What is solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR)?
2. Can you feel solar UVR?
3. Is temperature related to solar UVR?
4. Why is there so much solar UVR in Australia?
5. What factors affect solar UVR levels?
6. What is the UV Index?
7. What are the risks from UVR exposure?
8. Why is skin colour important?
9. How can you reduce your UVR exposure?
10. What is a Protection Factor?
11. How effective are windows and window tints at solar UVR protection?
12. Are solariums safe?
13. Do artificial light sources used in the home emit UVR?
14. What sun protection precautions should outdoor workers take?
15. Are manufactured UVR sources dangerous?
16. How do I get enough Vitamin D from the sun without having too much exposure to UVR?
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