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Transport of Radioactive Material

The information on this page will assist companies or organisations seeking approval to transport radioactive material within Australia

The CEO of ARPANSA is the Competent Authority for the transport of radioactive material by a Controlled Person (as defined in section 13 of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998) by road, rail and inland water ways within Australia.

REGULATORY GUIDE: Transport of Radioactive Material provides information on ARPANSA’s assessment and approval process for Controlled Persons seeking to transport radioactive material.

Approval checklists can be downloaded by following the links below.

Note: An applicant who is not a Controlled Person should contact the Competent Authority in their State or Territory as listed in Schedule B of Radiation Protection Series C-2. The approval checklists referred to in this guide may be useful if acceptable to the relevant Competent Authority.

Before seeking approval, applicants should refer to:

Persons seeking guidance on good radiation protection practice and how to meet the requirements of the Transport Code RPS C-2 should refer to the IAEA specific safety guides listed in ARPANSA’s Trusted International Standards Register:

Approval Checklists

  1. Approval of Special Form Radioactive Material & Low Dispersible Radioactive Material Checklist:
    PDF 87kb  |  DOCX 87kb
  2. Special Arrangement Approval Checklist:   PDF 157kb  |  DOCX 83kb
  3. Shipment Approval Checklist:   PDF 149kb  |   DOCX 81kb
  4. Package Design Approval Checklist:   PDF 166kb  |  DOCX 84kb
  5. Validation of Certificate Approval Checklist:  PDF 136kb  |  DOCX 80kb

Commonwealth Government applicants should submit their application by email to to or by mail to: 

PO Box 655
Miranda NSW 1490

A copy of the relevant approval checklist should accompany the application.

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