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Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service Audits

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The ACDS will provide the Australian Radiotherapy community, at no cost, a three level audit service. The three audits are:

Level I: An independent measurement of linear accelerator output at one point under reproducible reference conditions in a regular rigid homogenous phantom. The detectors and all associated equipment are sent out to the centres being audited, which irradiate then according to the protocol and send them back. The Level I audit is an extension of the TLD service the International Atomic Energy Agency has been offering for a few decades. ARPANSA took on this role in 2003 until the ACDS took over the service in January 2011. Until mid-2012 the measurement was performed with ThermoLuminescent Detectors. From July 2012, Level I audits will be conducted with Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimeters.

Level Ib: A more accurate independent measurement than the Level I audit, the Level Ib audit involves the ACDS visiting the requesting organisation and performing on-site measurements. The measurements are performed in the centre’s own watertank. All other dosimetry equipment is brought in by the ACDS, ensuring an independent audit.

Level II: An independent measurement of linear accelerator output at multiple points in multiple beams with increasing complexity. For some measurements, the phantom will contain inhomogeneities. The audit will use a 2D array of detectors to measure dose in a plane normal to the beam direction. The Level II audit specifically targets the Treatment Planning System and Treatment Delivery. The Level II audit commenced operations in March 2013.

Level III: An independent end-to-end assessment simulating a patient’s treatment path using a synthetic human upper torso in the place of a patient. The synthetic upper torso is constructed from tissue equivalent plastic, machined to represent a generic human upper torso and includes lung, bone and tissue equivalent materials, and is known as ‘a phantom’. The plastic phantom is imaged with CT, the key internal structures on the images outlined and the radiation plan is designed according to a protocol defined by the ACDS. The planning is verified according to the local procedures at which point the entire radiation plan is sent through to the linear accelerator where it will be re-checked. Finally, the phantom is irradiated following the proscribed plan while measurements are taken within the phantom by the ACDS. The predicted and measured radiation doses are compared and scored. The Level III audit commenced operations in July 2012.

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