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ACDS - Level III Audits

Audit Index:

Wedged Asymmetric Inhomogeneity: Lung (WAIL)


The ACDS Level III audit determines absorbed dose to water delivered to selected points within an anthropomorphic phantom. This is an end-to-end audit where the phantom undergoes all steps within the radiotherapy treatment chain.

The Level III audit includes a number of optional modalities, which can be completed by the facility to reflect their clinical practice:

  • 3DCRT
  • IMRT
  • VMAT

Dosimetry measurements are made in a custom CIRS IMRT Thorax phantom, using a ‘TomoElectrometer’ multi-channel electrometer (Standard Imaging), with Farmer type and CC13 ionisation chambers as the primary detectors. Ion chambers are calibrated by the national primary standards laboratory at ARPANSA. As recommended by TRS-398, the ACDS uses ion chamber calibration factors determined in high-energy beams of similar quality (referred to as ‘Directly measured’).

Figure 1:  Custom CIRS thorax phantom Figure 1: Custom CIRS thorax phantom.

Audit Outcome

The audit results are determined ‘point-by-point’ for each case using a percentage deviated of the facility stated dose (planned) from the ACDS determined dose (measured). An overall audit outcome is determined for each modality, which is equal to the lowest recorded result.

'CT' Dataset (RT Structure)

ACDS Audit Level III Documentation

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