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Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service References


  • ACDS - FFF dosimetry ACDS fact sheet
    PDF 256 kb | DOCX 284 kb
  • ACDS - Directly measured kq ACDS fact sheet
    PDF 276 kb | DOCX 252 kb
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  • Lehmann et. al.Poster (PDF 1.16 mb): ‘Trust, but verify – Accuracy of clinical commercial Radiation Treatment Planning Systems’ International Conference on the Use of Computers in Radiation Therapy (2013)
  • Lehmann ‘Radiation therapists and LIII audits by the Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service’ Spectrum November 2012
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  • Williams et. al Poster (PDF 553 kb): ‘The Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service: a bespoke national solution’ AAPM Annual Meeting (2015)
  • Williams et. al. ‘The Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service: a commentary on the first 18 months’ Australasian Physical and Engineering Science in Medicine (2012) 35, 4: 407-411

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