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Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service

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About the ACDS

The Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service (ACDS) is a national independent dosimetry auditing program, providing quality assurance for radiation oncology facilities and patients. The ACDS has been operating since February 2011, covering 100% of Australian radiotherapy facilities.

The ACDS is accredited by NATA to ISO: 17025 under Performance and Approvals Testing.

The ACDS offers a multi-level audit service on a four year subscription basis

Audit Index:

The Level I OSLD photon kitLevel I

The Level I mail out audit is an independent measurement of Linac output under reference conditions. Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimeters (OSLDs) are sent to a facility, irradiated, and returned to the ACDS for analysis. All photon and electron beams are included in the audit. The Level I audit is conducted at each facility every two years.

The ACDS Level I audit is mutually recognised for equivalence to the Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core (IROC) OSLD audit.

ACDS auditor performing Level Ib audit
Level Ib

The Level Ib audit offers a more accurate measurement of the Linac output than the Level I audit. ACDS staff visit the facility and perform on-site measurements using ACDS dosimetry equipment. The Level Ib is performed for new Linac installations, or at the facility’s request.



ACDS auditor performing Level II audit
Level II

The Level II audit is a diagnostic test of the Treatment Planning System performance. The audit is delivered to a rectilinear solid water phantom, with lung inhomogeneity in some cases, and measured using a 2D ion chamber array. The Level II audit includes 3D Conformal and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy treatment deliveries. The Level II audit is conducted once every four years.


'Anne', the Level III multi-modality thorax phantom
Level III

The Level III audit is an end-to-end test of the radiotherapy treatment pathway. A thorax phantom, 'Anne', is sent to a facility and undergoes all steps in a patient’s journey through a radiotherapy department. The Level III audit includes 3D Conformal Radiotherapy, with IMRT, VMAT and SABR to be included in the future. The Level III audit is conducted once every four years.



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