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PRMS Fact Sheet

Testing equipment
  • The Service has been operating since 1932
  • The ARPANSA Personal Radiation Monitoring Service is accredited to ISO 17025 by NATA
  • The number of people regularly monitored at any one time is 35 000
  • The Service monitors people throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia
  • We monitor people who use radiation sources as part of their occupation (eg dentists, radiographers, miners, veterinary surgeons and workers in industry and research)
  • We maintain a registry of the doses received by approximately 125 000 people who are presently or who have been previously occupationally exposed to radiation
  • We issue about 200 000 monitors per year measuring exposure to beta rays, X-rays, gamma rays and fast neutrons
  • We also issue neutron monitors to measure fast neutron doses and extremity monitors to measure doses to the hands/fingers
  • Electrons in the crystal structure of the TLD material are excited to higher energy levels as a result of irradiation and are trapped in the crystal structure. By heating the material, the electrons return to their ground state and light is emitted. The amount of light emitted is proportional to the radiation dose that the TLD material received
  • The response of the TLD material is dependent on the energy and type of radiation to which it is exposed. The energy and type of radiation can be determined by using a holder for the TLD card which contains a series of filters
  • The TLD holder has four areas of different filtration and measurements are made on the TLD card which corresponds to these filtered areas. A further four areas allow for independent confirmation of primary readings
  • After readout the TLD card is zeroed and reused
  • The monitors are issued for 4, 8 or 12 weeks usually dependent on the magnitude of the doses likely to be received
  • About 60% of people monitored are measurably exposed to radiation
  • The most highly exposed occupations are uranium miners, industrial radiographers and nuclear medicine technologists. Typical radiation doses for different occupations are published in Technical Report No.139 Personal Radiation Monitoring Service and Assessment of Doses Received by Radiation Workers (2004) published by ARPANSA.
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