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PRMS Forms

Register with the Personal Radiation Monitoring Service (PRMS)

Please complete a New Centre Registration Form and Wearer Registration Form (see below). The forms can be filled in electronically, saved to your computer and sent to as an attachment.

Provide full name and date of birth for each wearer. PRMS generates unique identification number for each wearer. This unique number is used to maintain a dose history for each wearer.

Registration Forms

Dose Reports
Authorisation to deliver dose reports by email - current centres

Dose Report Data Files are files that contain the dose report data in a format that can be imported by database and spreadsheet applications. They are sent to one email address per centre, as nominated in the form Authorisation to deliver dose reports by email. Where more than one centre share the same email address, reports are concatenated and sent as a single file. These reports are provided in addition to the authorised paper report sent by post. The structure of the dose report data files is described in Explanation of data format for dose report.

Personal Dose History Request Form - current centres

The purpose of this form is to enable employers to provide a dose history report to employees when they cease employment.

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