Radiation Protection


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Advisory Framework

ARPANSA regulates Commonwealth entities such as ANSTO and the CSIRO. State and territory governments regulate non-Commonwealth entities such as hospitals, universities and industry.

The ARPANS Act establishes several bodies that advise the CEO of ARPANSA to fulfil the functions prescribed in Section 15. These bodies include the Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council, the Radiation Health Committee and the Nuclear Safety Committee. The ARPANS Act also specifies the categories of membership for the Council and Committees.

Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council

Diagram of committee The council identifies emerging issues relating to radiation protection and nuclear safety, examines matters of major public concern in this area and provides advice to the CEO.
2 radiation control officers, 1 public representative and up to 8 other members  

Radiation Health Committee

Diagram of committee The Committee develops publications to promote uniform national radiation protection standards and formulates draft national policies, codes and standards for consideration by the Commonwealth, States and Territories. It also reviews national policies, codes and standards to ensure that they reflect world best practice.
a radiation control officer from each State and Territory, 1 representative from the Nuclear Safety Committee, 1 public representative and up to 2 other members  

Nuclear Safety Committee

Diagram of committee On request, the Committee provides advice to the CEO and Council on matters relating to nuclear safety and the safety of controlled facilities. It also develops publications and policies in relation to these matters.
a representative of local government from an area affected by a matter related to the safety of a controlled facility, 1 representative from the Radiation Health Committee, 1 public representative and up to 8 other members  


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