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From 1 November 2011, inspection reports are made available on this website. It should be noted that the published reports may have been modified to remove classified material or personal information. In some cases, the entire report may be withheld for security reasons.

See Inspection Reports Archive for reports published prior to the current financial year.

If you have difficulties accessing the information on this page or require further information on an inspection report or the inspection process in general please direct your enquiry to

2016–2017 Inspection Reports
Licence Holder Location Subject Insp.
Decipha Pty Ltd Alexandria, NSW Baggage X-ray inspection unit 9 Feb S0170 PDF 238kb
DOC 77kb
Defence Greater Brisbane area Moisture Density Gauges 12-22 Dec S0042 PDF 189kb
RTF 391kb
ANSTO Lucas Heights, NSW OPAL performance reporting and verification 12-14 Dec F0157 PDF 172kb
RTF 364kb
ANSTO Camperdown, NSW Camperdown Facility 1-2 Dec F0251 PDF 176kb
RTF 367kb
ANSTO Lucas Heights, NSW ANSTO Health 21-25 Nov F0262 PDF 162kb
RTF 380kb
CSIRO Myall Lake, NSW Agriculture and Food 16 Nov S0021 PDF 186kb
RTF 390kb
CSIRO Black Mountain, ACT Land and Water 14-18 Nov S0009 PDF 186kb
RTF 379kb
CSIRO Black Mountain, ACT Agriculture and Food 14-18 Nov S0021 PDF 185kb
RTF 379kb
CSIRO Black Mountain, ACT Digital, National Facilties 14-18 Nov S0016 PDF 193kb
RTF 391kb
CSIRO Black Mountain, ACT Health and Biosecurity 14-18 Nov S0023 PDF 186kb
RTF 375kb
CSIRO Black Mountain, ACT Oceans and Atmosphere 14-18 Nov S0019 PDF 186kb
RTF 386kb
CSIRO Armidale, NSW Agriculture and Food 14 Nov S0021 PDF 186kb
RTF 328kb
Dept of Immigration & Border Protection Wollongong, NSW Controlled apparatus 11 Nov S0092 PDF 148kb
RTF 354kb
ANSTO Lucas Heights, NSW Radioactive material management 10-11 Nov F0157 PDF 178kb
RTF 379kb
Australian National University Canberra, ACT Research School of Earth Sciences 28-28 Oct S0027 PDF 199kb
RTF 380kb
PETNET Australia Pty Ltd Lucas Heights, NSW PO&C Modules 1, 2, 5 & 7 25-28 Oct F0211 PDF 188kb
RTF 388kb
ANSTO Clayton, Vic Australian Synchrotron 18-26 Oct F0271
PDF 186kb
RTF 403kb
ANSTO Lucas Heights, NSW Little Forest Legacy Site 17-26 Oct F0293 PDF 190kb
RTF 402kb
ANSTO Lucas Heights, NSW Ore Processing & Operations Facility and sources held by Nuclear Business 11-13 Oct F0245
PDF 186kb
RTF 403kb
Department of Defence Multiple Sites RADIAC sets 7 Oct - 24 Nov S0042 PDF 151kb
RTF 355kb
ANSTO Lucas Heights, NSW Secondary Standards Dosimetry Lab & Nuclear Services sources 4-6 Oct F0244
PDF 192kb
RTF 403kb
Australian Federal Police ACT Region Controlled apparatus 21-23 Sep S0056 PDF 153kb
RTF 365kb
ANSTO Lucas Heights, NSW HIFAR 20-23 Sep F0184 PDF 153kb
RTF 365kb
Department of Immigration and Border Protection Melbourne, VIC Controlled apparatus 14 Sep S0092 PDF 183kb
RTF 339kb
Australian Postal Corporation Melbourne, VIC Baggage X-ray units 14 Sep S0150 PDF 182kb
RTF 337kb
Department of Defence Regional NSW Sealed sources 5 Sep-
13 Oct
S0042 PDF 170kb
RTF 362kb
Department of Defence Regional SE Australia Sealed sources 5 Sep-
13 Oct
S0042 PDF 169kb
RTF 358kb
Department of Defence Regional NSW Sealed sources 5 Sep-
13 Oct
S0042 PDF 169kb
RTF 360kb
Department of Defence Regional NT Sealed sources 5 Sep-
13 Oct
S0042 PDF 171kb
RTF 360kb
Department of Defence Greater Sydney Area, NSW Sealed sources 5 Sep-
13 Oct
S0042 PDF 168kb
RTF 356kb
National Archives of Australia Mitchell, ACT Controlled apparatus 1 Sep S0273 PDF 153kb
RTF 365kb
High Court of Australia Parkes, ACT Baggage inspection X-ray units 30 Aug S0169 PDF 166kb
RTF 396kb
ASC Pty Ltd & ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd Osborne, SA Controlled apparatus 17-18 Aug S0190 PDF 152kb
RTF 360kb
AUSTRAC Chatswood, NSW Controlled apparatus 9 Aug S0268 PDF 152kb
RTF 360kb
Department of Immigration and Border Protection Richmond, NSW Controlled apparatus 8 Aug S0092 PDF 169kb
RTF 360kb
ANSTO Lucas Heights, NSW Opal Radiation Protection 26 Jul-5 Aug F0157 PDF 166kb
RTF 396kb
CSIRO Lucas Heights, NSW Land and Water 26 Jul S0009 PDF 153kb
RTF 365kb
CSIRO St Lucia, QLD Agriculture and Food 21 Jul S0021 PDF 183kb
RTF 381kb
Australian Federal Police Melbourne region, VIC X-ray equipment 12 Jul S0056 PDF 182kb
RTF 379kb


For reports on inspections conducted prior to 2016-17, see Inspection Reports Archive.

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