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Equipment Calibration

calibration equipment

ARPANSA provides calibration services for instruments used to measure radiation in various commercial, medical and public sector applications.

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Medical and Non-Medical X-ray Equipment

ARPANSA tests X-ray equipment for compliance with most protocols such as Australian Standards, ARPANSA codes and safety guides and state requirements. We also evaluate X-ray equipment for safety and effectiveness and assess the attenuation properties of shielding materials (eg lead loaded plastic and glass sheeting, protective aprons, gloves and lead glasses) to Australian Standards requirements. Contact our Diagnostic Imaging & Nuclear Medicine for assistance.

Radon Measuring Equipment

ARPANSA maintains a radon chamber for calibration of radon monitoring equipment used in uranium mines. Contact our Occupation Exposure Section for assistance.

Radiofrequency Radiation and Magnetic Field Measuring Instruments

ARPANSA calibrates radiofrequency (RF) hazard meters, gauss meters, and personal RF hazard meters. See Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation Calibration.

Radiotherapy Calibrations

ARPANSA provides calibrations of therapy dosemeters at 60Co and various orthovoltage X-ray qualities. These calibrations can are suitable for use in conjunction with a Code of Practice to measure the absorbed dose to water in a radiotherapy beam. For more information see Radiotherapy Calibrations.

Diagnostic and Protection-Level Calibrations

Calibrations of diagnostic and protection level equipment. Find out more.

Ultraviolet Radiation Measuring Equipment

Contact the Non-ionising Radiation Section for spectroradiometric analysis calibrations of detectors and light sources against National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable standard lamps. We provide a detailed report for each instrument calibrated.

The calibrations provided are:

  • Spectral Irradiance Measurements: Absolute irradiance (W/m2) or (W/m2.nm) for any light source.
  • Spectral Transmission Measurements: Absolute transmission (%T) for any filter or optical materials.
  • Irradiance Response: Calibration factors of detectors for various UVR light sources.

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