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NDRLS staff

Anthony Wallace
Anthony Wallace Director

Anthony Wallace has worked as a clinical medical physicist in diagnostic imaging for over 20 years in acute, public teaching hospitals in Victoria, NSW and WA. He achieved Certification in Radiology Physics from the Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) in 1997. He is an examiner for ACPSEM Radiology Physics Certification program and is a RANZCR examiner for Part 1 DRACR in Applied Imaging Technology. Anthony came to ARPANSA in 2008 primarily to develop and establish the national diagnostic reference level program for all diagnostic imaging modalities.

Paul Marks
Paul Marks Senior Medical Radiation Scientist

Paul has a background in electronics, laboratory management, clinical nuclear medicine and radiation safety. He has held the position of radiation safety officer (RSO) within various departments at a number of Melbourne universities and is currently RSO for ARPANSA. He was a senior radiation officer within the Victorian Department of Health with regulatory oversight for the use of radiation in medicine. He has also lectured at RMIT in clinical nuclear medicine, radiopharmacy and radiation protection; a role he still undertakes on a part-time basis. Since 2008, he has been at ARPANSA, initially in the Codes and Standards development area and from 2010 in the Medical Imaging Section. This position has seen him participate in the National Diagnostic Reference Levels Service, principally in the field of nuclear medicine. He is also providing scientific education support currently to the radiation protection of the patient project.

Dr Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas Senior Medical Physicist

Peter received a PhD in Chemistry from Monash University in 1998 and commenced work at ARPANSA in 2000 following a two-year post-doctoral appointment at Purdue University in the USA.  Peter has worked for the ARPANSA Personal Radiation Monitoring Service and for the ARPANSA Medical Physics/Medical Imaging section.  In his present role he is assisting with the running of the National Diagnostic Reference Level Service, has responsibility for Image Guided Interventional Procedure (IGIP) DRLs, and is involved in Monte-Carlo modelling of radiation doses to patients from diagnostic imaging procedures.

Toby Beveridge

Dr Toby Beveridge

Toby received a PhD for physics from Monash University in 2008. He was later employed as a medical physicist in the nuclear medicine department at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary before joining ARPANSA in 2013.  He is currently working on data analysis of screening mammography acquisitions and assisting with the nuclear medicine DRL survey.

Further information on International Best Practice for Radiation Protection of Patients can be found on the International Atomic Energy Agency Radiation Protection of Patients website, which can be accessed via the following link:

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