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Labelling Sun Protective Clothing

UPF Rating Label

Clothing is a great way to reduce your sun exposure but how do you know the clothing you're buying will keep you safe in the sun?

You look for the UPF rating label!

In Australia it’s usual for summer clothing to be sold with a UPF rating label that shows how well a garment can protect a person from the sun. UPF labels give consumers confidence that the product they are buying will give them effective sun protection.

The UPF Certification Trade Mark is an Australian government trademark that is often used to label summer clothing. If a garment label carries this trademark it means that laboratory testing has been done and ARPANSA has been satisfied that the materials used to construct that product will provide the amount of sun protection stated on the rating label.

ARPANSA issues about FIVE MILLION swing tags each year

The ARPANSA UPF tags comply with the Australian standard for sun protective clothing and companies wishing to use them on their products must first apply for a licence to use the trademark.

To find out more about using the ARPANSA swing tags see UPF Trademark Information.


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